Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It Almost Doesn't Seem Worth It...

Today in one of my journalism classes we had yet another polarized discussion about whether or not bloggers are journalists. Well, this particular one is... so take that Lippman!

I sit here on my couch with various religion paraphanalia in front of me, wondering if I will ever be able to bring myself to study it for my exam tomorrow. The main preventing factor is of course, the fact that I have a HUGE case of the "I really don't care anymore"s. I can't really say if this is brought on by: a) the fact that I'm already in my major and have no intention of going to grad school b) the fact that it's almost Christmas and I can't wait to go home, even for just a few weeks (but it will still be the first time in about a year) c) the fact that a stupid guy occupies my thoughts when he has absolutely NO business doing so--I told him he had no power over me and he obviously took it as a personal challenge--damn athletes. d) my roomate is banging around quite loudly in our kitchen or e) I'm stressing about my opera piece and I'd rather be practicing. There are simply TOO MANY reasons for me to not be studying.

Still, the fact remains that I will inevitably be sitting in the Testing Center at 9am tomorrow, gazing blankly at the test and thinking "woah, I really should have at least LOOKED at those dates" or "wait, WHO was the first person to be called as acting president of the twelve? damn." Then of course, I'll get kicked out and excommunicated for saying damn in the testing center... (although I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the first, nor indeed the last to use a grey word in there) Poor me. I guess I should just abandon this lost cause right now. If I'm going to be excommunicated anyway, there's really no point in learning this stuff anymore. Is there?
How's THAT for slippery slope rationalization, huh?

Aw no my roomate and her boyfriend are embracing heavily in the kitchen again. Give me cancer now! Well, look at the time, I believe I shall run to the library!