Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why Do We Pine and Willow?

Ha ha, trees. I am so terribly clever.
Right now, I know that I should be studying for my massive midterm tomorrow, the one that is exactly the week before finals and will cost me $5 to take, not to mention about 12 hours to study for. I know that I should give a flying fetch about school, and that I should be on my way to the library this very second. I know that I should NOT have gone shopping for two hours today for a new pair of black pumps with bows that I totally cannot afford. I know that I should not have bought that little black dress. And I DEFINITELY know that I should not have done any of the former for a guy, or worse, for the tiny possibility of a guy.

However, sometimes what you know wrestles with what you do. And sometimes what you know you shouldn't do gets the trash kicked out of it by the things you do anyway. So why am I, an intelligent, moderately successful, charming and attractive woman in her early twenties sitting here writing this when I have about twelve other places to be? It must be bad case of the trees. Because I AM Pining, I am oping, and I am willowing (wallowing) in my own discontent with my current situation. And I just can't seem to stop. I know I shouldn't be, and as far as timing goes let's face it--finals week and before is about THE WORST time I could have picked to go all lethargic and pissy. But whatyagonnado? It's almost Christmas and I'm sad, I'm lonely, I'm fed up with school and work (even though I LOVE my job, go fig) and I just want to kiss someone under the mistletoe and cuddle with hot chocolate. Is that so freaking wrong? Am I somehow more pathetic for admitting this? Or maybe I'm just one of millions who feel the same way, but I just can't take it anymore.

As far as predicaments go, this one really bites the big proverbial donut. Because with relationships, it kind of goes without saying that it "takes two to tango". I suck at tango, which makes it worse. Dam. And to make things even more sick, I went to the mall today and got to watch all the little families and couples walking around. After about 45 minutes of that, I was beginning to think the Grinch really wasn't such a bad guy, and Scrooge might have been right all along. Somebody help me! I'm making friends with embittered mythological characters!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Return to Eden

It's happened. I never thought it would. I swore bloody oaths that I would never return to that cursed place, that I would rather give up my unconcieved firstborn child than allow myself to be enslaved once more. But...then again I suppose it was inevitable. No one can truly ever escape Los Hermanos. Those that have tried ended up dead or worse, ...married. (Shudder) Still, there are some things I might have briefly missed over the past few months. Such as:

-The "Good Game" game

-Half understood conversations with dishwashing personnel

-Half priced quesadillas (pronounced cua-sahd-uh-laaA)


-Guys who can jokingly flirt without being creepy...


-Peachy Ricos

-Spendable Cash and zero responsibility

-Obscure Lindon jokes


-The vatos

-Tight fitting tee work

-Stockings being not-optional (okay that's what I don't miss)

-My favorite black person in the whole entire world

-My favorite mormon gay man in the entire world

-Chips, and salsa

NOT cake. But I don't think I'll be there long enough to be a problem, so bring it on.