Saturday, December 12, 2009


Omfg I am blocked I am blocked I am blocked blocked blocked blocked.


Ever had a story inside your head that is so wonderful, so magical, so heartbreakingly genius that it's practically splitting you in two?

Ever had a character who's so real and so conflicted that you find yourself talking to that person and arguing over whether or not they're going to let you tell their story? And in the end, you have to agree upon a truce to share your head with them so they don't try to possess you and take over your life?

Or, have you ever gotten to a fork in the road (metaphorical, of course) that has about twenty different directions you can go...and none of them "feel" just right?

That's pretty much where I'm at. My story is gumming up the gears, my characters have all gone on strike and the little writer in my mind is sitting down in the middle of the road and sobbing into her hands in bereft self-doubt.

These are the life and times, people.

This is what it's like to write a novel.

...I sincerely hope we both (my story and I) survive to tell the tale.

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Janell said...

Would it help if you take some time to just sit down and write about anything _but_ yours story? Teach that pesky child a lesson in being uncooperative.